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Spoken English Classes

Just like other practical skills, “Spoken English” too is a practical skill which can only be learnt by practice and not by reading books or attending some classroom lectures! This programme is a boon for those who don’t know English at all & also for those who know to it well or even little because the programme has been divided into various levels (so one can start from a scratch or even from the advance level) & is conducted on 1-to-1 basis where the learner has to talk with trainer on various discussion topics and role-plays situations. During the interaction the trainer corrects & guides the learner in framing a sentence using the correct grammar (also explaining the grammar concept for better clarity).With practice and daily interactions there is a great scope of enhancing the vocabulary which is always our problem while speaking. It’s worth mentioning that due to the practical training (daily interactions) the learner is able to overcome his/her hesitation to speak in English effortlessly and feels a boost in his/her confidence level. The supporting study material (Video tutorials, pictorial vocabulary& expressions) too prove to be a great combination to the practical training giving us unimaginably fast results!


In today’s internet era; we can easily find out a lot of interview questions & the related answers, learn them up and impress the interviewer! If you really think so, I beg to disagree with you, because the person sitting at the other end of the table in an interview is not a naive, but an expert in his/her job (probably that’s why he is there). “Knowing what to do is important, but knowing what not to do is even more important!” This exclusive training programme helps us to prepare for our interview from a scratch (including the fresher) helping us to answer the questions highlighting our genuine skills & true capabilities (as the fake answers are caught in no time!), thereby proving us to be the right choice for the concerned job profile and making the interviewer want us badly in his company. (Because as much an employee needs an employer, so do an employer needs a skilful employee!) This gives us an upper hand in the situation and gives us the confidence to play & win over the salary negotiation part as well. The Video tutorials in this training programme provide us a frame-work in our interview preparation by guiding


This Programme is especially designed for the office goers who face many challenges and sometimes embarrassment in using English in the office or office related works, but can’t do anything about it because they don’t have time & have a hectic schedule. We all know how tensed we feel when we have to draft an email using the formal vocabulary and phrases or to discuss/negotiate about something with clients/boss! This programme covers all the challenges of using English (verbal as well as written) that we face in our day to day life (especially in our work or office). The programme is customised as per our job profiles and is conducted on 1-to-1 basis on phone, where the learner and the trainer do a lot of role-plays bases on our daily work life situations. During the training sessions the trainer effectively guides us about the use of formal vocabulary and the phrases which help us to express ourselves “to the point”-exhibiting professionalism in our communication and writing skills. With the effective Video tutorials on email etiquette & body language and training (off course!), the programme aims at improving your personality, communication skills, negotiation skills, discussion skills and what not...!

Course Chart

SESSIONS PER MONTHS 20 sessions from Monday to Friday.
SESSION TIMINGS Any time you choose between 7 am to 10 pm.
HOW IT WORKS LIVE Conversations and discussion exercises.
PERSONAL ATTENTION You & the Trainer Only.
STUDY MATERIAL Sent through mail / in the form of phone compatible audio/video clips(as per the preference of the learner)
LEARN GRAMMAR Through conversation Exercises and study material.
INCREASE YOUR VOCABULARY Through verbal activities & listening practice (through audio clips).
CORRECT YOUR PRONUNCIATION Through practice and on the spot correction by your Trainer.
SPEAK IN THE NEUTRAL INDIAN ACCENT Through daily practice with your Trainer & listening practice (through audio clips).
COURSE DURATION You choose (1 or more months).For best Results, do the course for 3 months or more.