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Is it really possible to learn spoken English over phone?

Well, speaking English is a practical skill. Till the time you don’t speak you don’t learn. And don’t we speak? The reasons could be many like hesitation, lack of vocabulary, embarrassment (that people will laugh at us) or due lack of confidence or sometimes because we don’t get the atmosphere to speak in English. On phone English classes are complete solution to all these constraints. Here, we conduct 1-1 session only(1 trainer & 1 learner) and the fact that the trainer doesn’t know the identity of the learner makes the learner speak English freely without hesitation and daily conversation practice helps to build the vocabulary , clear the grammatical doubts and most importantly it there is a huge boost in the confidence level of the learner.

Are sessions really “LIVE” or recorded?

Sessions are 100% Live and are conducted on 1-1 basis. Everyday your personal English Trainer calls you on your registered number and runs some conversation exercises with you. From your end you are allowed to record the sessions in your phone for future reference and practice.

What do you teach on phone?

In the classes we take conversation exercises based upon the level of the student. The exercises are designed according to the individual needs of the student (based on his/her profession and usage necessity). We take real life situations and daily conversation topics in the classes. Please check the “LIVE SESSION RECORDING” for better understanding of the classes.

Do You Provide CD’S or some books?

We do provide the study material to the learners on their registered e-mail id’s. The study material is specially designed and tailored according to the learning needs of the learner. We give the relevant study material in written as well as audio form so that you can go through it on your computer systems or download it in your mobile phones and go through it whenever you have time.

Do I have to carry a pen & notepad & go through the study material before each class?

The “on phone training” is to give you a speaking practice so carrying a pen and a note pad is also not necessary (but you may keep it if you want to). You just need to concentrate on the speaking part. Study material is given to you for conceptual clarity and the learner need not to go through it before the on-phone-training. So, you can take the classes from anywhere without doing any prior preparation.

What are the advantages over classroom learning programme ?

Features On Phone Classes Classroom learning
Travelling time Zero (As you take the class on phone) Min. 1 hour
Travelling Cost Zero (As you take the class on phone) Rs. 100 to Rs. 150 per day
So, you spend Rs.3,000 to Rs.4,500 per month in travelling itself!
Call Cost Call will be made from our side every day. ------
Cost of the programme Rs. 3600 per month-Spoken English
Rs. 4000 per month-Business English
Rs. 1800 per month-Interview Preparation
Travelling expense(Rs.3,000 to Rs.4,500)+
Course cost(around Rs. 2800)

Rs.5800 to Rs.7300 per month
If you miss a class You can take it the other day! You lose a class!
Time Flexibility 100% (You can choose any time between 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. for your classes) Not flexible (You have to reach and follow the batch time irrespective of your busy schedule)
Place flexibility Can be taken from home or office or anywhere! Conducted at a particular place only
Class Size 1 student only(Just you and your trainer) One trainer per 15-20 students
Teacher attention 100% (Due to 1-to-1 session) 10% to 20% as it is divided among all the 15 to 20 students
Speaking Practice 100% (Each session is interactive) 10% (Lecture based class)
Study material Based on the individual student need, the study material is provided in the form of WhatsApp compatible :
  • Video Tutorials
  • Pictorial vocabulary expressions & PDF form on email(if needed)
Books and CD’s provided to all the students(irrespective of their needs)
Key Improvement areas Through the interactive sessions you are able to:
  • Overcome the hesitation to speak in English
  • Clear your grammatical doubts without hesitation.
  • Enhance your vocabulary
  • Build fluency
  • Gain confidence
Hence you get over all development!
You are only able to understand the Grammar and mug up a few sentences & vocabulary.
Improvement speed Very Fast (Due to the practical training) Very negligible

How much time will it take FOR me to learn English?

People vary in abilities, grasping power and readiness to learn. Each learner is special and takes his / her own time and learns at his/her own comfortable pace. Ideally within a period of three months of the course anybody can speak grammatically correct English with fair fluency.

How will my vocabulary increase in this course?

By daily speaking practice with a professional Trainer who , during the sessions keeps the conversations enriched with good vocabulary. You can very easily learn new words and their usage. Formal Vocabulary and general English vocabulary is also provided through the study material to help you more.


Training is based upon the need of the learner. Based on the level of the learner grammar is taught through basic level conversations so that speaking practice is not hampered. Learners of all levels are free to ask all kind of doubts from the trainer. So the course structure is entirely flexible to benefit the learner in all respects.

Are the session timings fixed or I can change them?

You can choose any 30 minute slot between 7.00 am to 10.00 pm for your classes. Once you decide and take a particular time slot, it will be fixed for your classes. Later on if due to some reasons the timings do not suit you, you can always change them. Your convenience and satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Do these classes also focus on improving written English?

Presently we do not focus on improving written English, but will soon come up with a written English improvement programme as well!