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At English Impression, we provide customised spoken english classes in Noida with a personal trainer who not only clears your Grammar related doubts but give you an environment to speak in English for 30 minutes every day. We can do so many things to improve our English like watching English movies, reading English books and newspaper, learning grammar, etc. but to Speak in English fluently we need to do only one thing- Speak in English.

Why Join English Impression ?

Customised Training

As each student is at a different level and has different challenges when it comes to speaking in English. Hence, we give a personal trainer to each student and customise the classes to train each student differently so that you can get the maximum benefit and show quick improvement.

You get 100% speaking practice

  • You get a platform to talk to a professional English trainer every day and improve your communication skills without the fear that people will judge you and laugh at you.
  • As the interaction does not happen between two students but a trainer and a student so the trainer keeps on helping the student wherever they have any doubts related to the grammar.
  • Through interaction you overcome your hesitation to speak in English.
  • By interaction you not only improve your fluency but also improve your vocabulary.

You get complete time and place flexibility

  • You can take the class at your suitable time between 7:00 am to 10:00pm
  • You don’t have to travel anywhere to attend the session and can take the sessions easily at your home or office.
  • You can take the classes even when you are travelling due to business or leisure. Hence you are able to attend the sessions regularly and get maximum output from it.

Easy to practice, sessions

  • We record each and every session (after your permission) and share the recording with you via. WhatsApp so that you can practice or take notes from it easily and as per your convenience.
  • For self-study we also give Audio/video study material on your WhatsApp or E-mail.

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  • The best thing about this programme is flexibility of time & Personal attention of the Trainer. The regular speaking practice on phone affected my personal and professional life tremendously. I can now impress others with my communication skills! Thanks for designing such a programme.

    Ms. Shahnaz | Chef | Mumbai | Training : 4 months
  • The Confidence I gained from this Programme is worth mentioning. Now I am able to take active participation in the interactive seminars. I recommend this to all my friends.

    Mr. Rahman Siddiqui | DOCTOR | Lucknow | Training : 3 months
  • My clients could not understand my English due to my pronunciation. I joined this course on recommendation of my sister and “Thank God I joined it!” My trainer helped me so much to correct my pronunciation. Now, I don’t feel embarrassed due to my English and convincing clients is also easy. All Thanks to my Trainer!

    Mr. Bhaskar Mohanty | Businessman |Guwahti | Training : 6 months
  • Speaking Practice improved my fluency and the training helped me to crack the interview and a get a job.

    Mrs. Priyanka Singh | Sales Trainer-MNC Insurance company | Lucknow | Training : 2 months
  • I was pretty apprehensive before joining EnglishImpression ,but the time and money I invested proved to be worth it! The Trainers here are really qualified and understand the needs of the students. I am so happy with my enriched vocabulary and increased confidence.

    Mr Manmohan Swarup | Entrepreneur | Allahabad | Training : 7 months
  • Daily speaking Practice enhanced my confidence to speak grammatically correct English. I have also got my husband enrolled for this course. I would like to continue it for some more time till I become perfect.

    Mrs. Chandramohini | Family disputes Lawyer | Bareilly | Training : 5 months
  • With my Fluent English I create an everlasting impression on my clients. I am just 12th Pass, but nobody can make that out due to my fluency in English. All praises for EnglishImpression,it has changed my personality and I love the attention & respect I get from people due to my good English.

    Mr. Shekhar Singh | Manager-Event Management Firm | Gr. Noida | Training : 11 months
  • EnglishImpression is doing a great job! Born & brought up in Kolkata, my English had the Bengali accent and that made me conscious while speaking in Public. I came across this course while searching on the web. I have been continuing since last five months and have adopted the neutral accent up-to 60%! & I plan to continue till it becomes 100%.

    Mr. Sanjay Mazumdar | Student | Kolkata | Training : 5 months
  • My fluent English got me a job. Exercises done in the classes helped me a lot in day-to-day office conversations also. I am totally satisfied with this course. EnglishImpression is doing a great job!

    Mr. Rahul Srivastava | Sales Executive | Banglore | Training : 3 months
  • With daily practice I have overcome my hesitation to talk in English. I have the confidence to talk freely with anybody. Now I am the life of all the parties where I go with my Husband. My husband too is very proud of me.

    Mrs. Shiphali Saxena | Homemaker | Orissa | Training : 4 months
  • Daily speaking practice helped me to clear my interview and got me a job of the art & craft teacher in an English medium School. Thanks EnglishImpression!

    Mrs. Shail Ahmad | Homemaker | New Delhi | Training : 2 months
  • English speaking Practice was what I needed because although I knew English but I was not getting the atmosphere to speak in English. These classes really worked for me and I plan to continue for at least 4 months.

    Mr. Kapil Malhotra | Entrepreneur | Lucknow | Training : 1 month
  • Speaking Practice in these classes helped me a lot in my daily office conversations. Last month I had a long discussion with my boss about my raising my salary and my fluent English did half of the work for me. My confidence in English and my skills got me a raise of Rs. 3000/- per month. I have recommended this course to my brother also.

    Mr. Ganeshan Mudiraj | Software Developer | Madurai | Training : 3 months
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help all to speak freely & confidently to gain respect & success in both professional as well as personal life.