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The Real Meaning of Personality

We are all special. We are all different.

When we meet new people, we learn new things; about their life, their family. What they like and what they don’t. If we were all the same, maybe we would not need this word – Personality.

How do we learn about other people? How do we find out they are different from us?

First by their physical appearance: Some people are tall, some are short, some are fat, some have big muscles, and some are very thin. Some people wear glasses.

But these things don’t make us special. Having long hair is not special. Buying expensive shoes or clothes does not make us special. What distinguishes us from others is our personality.

So how do people find out how special we are? By talking to us, by understanding our life; that means we have to communicate with them. We have to find the right words to tell them and for that we  need to improve our communication skills and we would need to speak English fluently.

Just think about those people on television/Movies who are so smart. How do we know they are smart? Because we hear them speak. And if they speak well, we know what they mean. We come to know  about their true personality.

If we can communicate effectively and find the right words to say, people will learn about our true personality.

We  need to find the right words when we are looking for a job. We need to find the right words when we want to make friends. If we can say what we really want to say, people will understand our personality.

This is why it is so important to be able to speak clearly, and use the right words for what we want to say.

We  have to work and practice if we want to improve our communication skills and speak fluently and clearly. In school, we do not get the chance to speak openly. We are only supposed to say what is written in our books, or what our teacher tells us. This does not give us adequate  practice to say what is in our heart.

This needs a different kind of teaching. We need to speak and learn in a place where we feel free, and can say what we really want. This will help us in life. This will help the world learn about our personality