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Expression of oneself

Language to express

And one night, as the midnight lamp runs dim & the restlessness urges for a sudden outburst- what comes as the savoir? A pen and some scribbles to ease the frightened naked emotions. Sweeping the toughness, language is like a key to the locked tales of a soul.

For me, ‘words’ are both lovable & hated. They build, as well as break. Just like the roads, it interlinks two isolated ideas & creates beauty with the abstract pieces of thoughts. Unwinding the complexities, language is the page we put down our existence meaning to.  Without a common rhythm to the ever changing time, things couldn’t be a fit. Would it be?  

Learning a language isn’t a fancy- but it’s just like the biscuit you take with tea. Just like the biscuit, it acts like a complementary piece. I don’t agree with the fact that we learn a language just to communicate. How does it do justice to a form of art that not only enriches one’s knowledge but gives a definitive way to pen down every sore & smile?

I had been into some patches of life, where I felt like a misfit just because I was a snob in regard to the broken language I carried around. That’s when it becomes necessary to push the limits, and break the chains.  

To growing insecurities, language is something that lets you pull the trigger and shoot them down. Build it up. Read. Learn. Not to just communicate, but to be able to spend a time alone expressing and penning down every rough notch.


Blogger: Shalini Bhaumik