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A note as the Independence Day passes.

70th Independence Day and a note

A big shoutout of greetings to the 1.3 billion people, residing in the cocoon of a country putting in every effort for ensuring safety, security and motherly love. It’s almost 15th August closing in; and a new sun to dawn upon- and all the clubs are heard playing the patriot song reels, and making the last minute pack-up. Isn’t it all nostalgic? As to how it’s been 70 years to such a historic moment, and India is still holding the right pace to achieve the heights.

From being into a state of complete darkness to rising upto with pride, India has seen massive development & change. The formerly tormented nation fighting to redeem its freedom has now turned out to be a bird taking a flight over every hurdle. 

The framed history with so much of intrigues, sacrifices, struggle and patriotism- is one example for driving every soul. The right vibe and necessary effort is the secret ‘mantra’ of life. Developing oneself as a confident person too is a struggle.

Might be wondering as to how Independence Day is related to all the ‘gyans’? The similarity that keeps linking ‘em is that- both requires proper discipline, genuine efforts and a habit; habit of achieving.

English has become so much important. It’s like the one of the important spices that puts a flavour. Needless to say, learning it is more crucial when there are people trying to pounce at you & grab your chair. The race has always been there. Just like the foreign rule who tried to shackle India to squeeze out profits; the mechanical world too has become mundane to monotonous competition. Acing a way out is going to be easy; but the fight with destiny & the push is going to make a difference.


With the beginning of the 70th Independence week, let’s try to strive and fly higher. Put up targets, and achieve them.

Wishes. Greetings. Jai Hind. Keep learning.

Blogger: Shalini Bhaumik