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The Conquerors never quit.


Everything in life doesn’t go as per the plan we set. There are terrible lows and terrific highs. It keeps swaying from good times to bad times, just like the extremes of a pendulum. The do or die, and you’re stuck in a killing dilemma with a blind end. Crash in or rise up; “is crashing a worthy option?” is what you need to ask yourself. And a sane mind will never answer it with a “yes”.  

To testify your ideas, you need to work, conquer the targets and roar the success by achieving higher heights. It’s a process. Everything is a process. Evolve to the newer ways. It is never healthy to sit back and make a chaos about the changing times. Stand up, and adapt. Calling yourself a loser and regretting- is too mainstream.

In my earlier blog, I spoke about addressing one’s problems and finding a way out. It’s queer how I question my own optimism at times when the entire system collapses. You can always gnaw your fingers, sweat like sauna, and scratch your forehead- at critical situations. Trust me, that ain’t gonna help. Rather a pinch of fresh air and a wholesome positivity is what must be the call; the right call.


Not an option. No one is infallible. Mistakes, lows and regrets- such common part, and yet hard to accept in certain situations. Tell you “Hey! Life doesn’t play fair always. It cheats, it embarrasses, it fools, and it crashes. But you need to sew up the damage, go back, and put it into its right place. Just know that- its life, and it’s beautiful.”


Blogger: Shalini Bhaumik