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The Blogger with a sweet tooth for English

Has it ever made you feel inferior when you walk into a crowd and find yourself just not fitting in cause of the language indifferences? Tell you, you aren’t just the one. Sometimes, it’s just that we feel embarrassed to talk about our weaknesses and hence, they remain unaddressed. Or, take it in a way where we think we might be made fun of! But isn’t not talking about your problems, and trying to not find a way out of it- a problem too?

Yes. I do agree with the fact that knowledge needs no specific language; it just flows like a river and enriches the path. But expression of the knowledge does need a medium. If in a room of people, you aren’t able to speak out your ideas in an organized manner, what can be the utility then?

I am too young to even brag about anything; but let me just tell you one phase of my school life where I was terribly bad with spoken English. I wasn’t a low key in writing, but somewhere having enough confidence to stand up & speak few words staggered me to feet.  It was only then; the principal of my school guided me. Good books can do wonders, you see. And most importantly, reading. Even a newspaper reading is just enough to get your tongue right. I can’t say that the learning has been completed because when you finish beating your previous record, the cry and desire of making a new one intensifies.

And the more you taste it, the more you crave for reading more and penning down richness. There was once, my targets were as simple and complex as “finishing and understanding Amitav Ghosh’s writings” because of the fact that with low texture to this language, understanding extraordinary books of his is a tough task. Putting up a dart game, and hitting a bull’s eye is what achievement is- no matter if that achievement means to be able to speak English or stand up & deliver a speech.

Just a sweet tooth for English, good books and reading- and you’re all ready!


Blogger- Shalini Bhaumik